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Vermont New Draconian Gun Laws

Delete this post Submitted by Ed Gallo on 04/Apr/2018


So, expecting Governor Benedict Scott to sign S.55 into law today - never thought I would see NY style gun laws coming to my beloved state but here we are. The fight is really just beginning. Many good intentioned people fought this day with all they had and the bottom line is the Legislature and the Governor chose to ignore them. We are now running the entire state based on emotion and what school kids want.

HAT has been and will continue to work on the next phase of this battle. The current crop of politicians in charge of our destiny has demonstrated they simply don't care about what we want, nor do they care about really protecting our school children.

We are helping to get their attention the only way they understand - by working to unseat as many of these radical liberals as possible.

We CANNOT DO IT without your support. We need all the sportsmen in Vermont to GET REGISTERED TO VOTE if you aren't and TO MAKE CERTAIN YOU HELP VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT OF OFFICE!!! This is the only way to stop them from reaching their ultimate goal which is to CONFISCATE EVERYONE'S GUNS. They keep saying that no one is after your guns while they continue to execute their plans to do just that.

We are in talks with lawyers and we are working in conjunction with the Federation and Gun Owners of Vermont as well as other groups. This has got to be a concerted effort and we can still win this war. They have their first victory but their happiness will be short lived if we work together. They have no idea how big the bear is they decided to kick.

I will certainly share info here as it becomes available and to the extent that I can in a public forum.

Pls get involved in the rallys at the State House and please do whatever you can to support the candidates we manage to get across the state. Stay up to date with all the social media outlets on what is happening and what you can do.

The next opportunity for a rally I am aware of right now is on Saturday, April 14 at the State House. Bring your wife, kids and whoever. We need to show the Press and the Public we are not just a bunch of old hillbillies pissed off about our guns...we are decent, respectable citizens with families...

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